6 Cat Cleaning Products You Need to Know About

We’ve come a long way, kitty. Today’s cat cleaning products are safer and more effective yet fun and attractive, too. Let’s look at six cat cleaning products that will help you during all your spring cleaning projects!

1. Natural Cat Odor Eliminator

Moso Natural.

Moso Natural.

Safe for cats, Moso Natural’s alternative to air fresheners soaks up excess moisture, allergens and odors in the air. It’s filled with chemical- and fragrance-free moso bamboo charcoal that can be recharged monthly in sunlight and be usable for up to two years. Available in four sizes and three colors: natural, charcoal or green. $8.95 to $16.99. Moso Natural;

2. Modern Cat Litter Mat

The cushiony ribbed surface of this Earthtone Striped Litter Mat by Cats Rule grabs litter from kitty’s paws after he uses the litter box, keeping it on the mat and away from your floors. Durable and easy to clean, it comes in additional styles. Follow on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. $19.99. Cats Rule;

3. Safe Yet Tough Stain and Odor Remover

Kitty and earth friendly, these Jackson Galaxy Fizzion concentrated cleaning products are nontoxic and free of harmful ingredients. Fizzion’s CO2 molecules get to work on tough cat stains. Available in all PetSmart stores. $14.99 for 32-ounce filled bottle with 1 tablet refill/ $13.99 for 2 tablet refill bag/ $29.99 for 5 tablet refill bag/ $24.99 for steam carpet cleaner tablets, 24 tablet bag. Fizzion & Kegel;

4. EcoFriendly Un-Sponges

Handmade in the USA, these un-sponges can be cleaned and used again just by throwing them in the dishwasher or washer. Created from cotton and terry cloth, plus an extra middle that adds scrubbing power. Comes in two-sponge set, including one cat print and one fishbone print. $5.

5. Posh Cat Grooming Kits

Catit cat grooming kit.

Catit cat grooming kit.

Just as pretty as your kitty are these sleek, modern grooming kits from Catit: one for short-haired cats and one for long-haired. Both come in a white canister that keeps the tools organized and in good condition. Each kit has four brushes designed specifically for short hair or long hair, plus a curved nail clipper to trim your cat’s nails. $46.82/long hair and $39.99/
short hair. Catit;

6. Hypo-Allergenic Cat Wipes

Earthbath’s Hypo-Allergenic Cat Wipes remove dirt, dander and residual saliva from your feline safely and easily, keeping them away from the cat and humans in the house. Uses fragrance-free mild cleanser plus Hawaiian Awapuhi, aloe vera and vitamins to condition and moisturize the coat and skin. Also comes in Green Tea
and Awapuhi. $14.99 for 100-count wipes/ $8.99 for 28 count. Earthbath;

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