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Three Poor Kittens Protected By Their Mother And Duck|| Great Shelter

Three Poor Kittens Protected By Their Mother And Duck|| Great Shelter

I went to weeding for my house’s corn fields. The maize plants are not very good because there was a heavy rain a few days ago. Oh my God, this place has a big landslide. The corn plants were washed away and broken. A giant landslide, it’s dangerous. The soil and sand were washed away into a nearby river. Oh God, there’s a duck here. There are cats there. A mother duck is incubating a nest of eggs. 3 The little cat is protected by the mother duck. Seeing me approach the mother duck as if angry to protect the kittens. Be good, mom, I won’t hurt you kittens.

Maybe I’ll bring the kittens back because it’s dangerous here. Do not be angry mother duck. I need to get 3 kittens right now. This place is very tall I need to climb. I will wash the kittens’ faces to prepare them to eat. The 3 cats eat very well, it seems they are very hungry. Thank you for watching the video!

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